That boring "Old-Fashioned" bedtime for children is important

How kids can benefit from boredom

Explain this to me again. Mark Janus/Shutterstock Teresa Belton, University of East Anglia From books, arts and sports classes to iPads and television, many parents do everything in their power to entertain and educate their children. But what would...

Posted 24 September 2018 by
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Bears are not cuddly teddy bears... a bear can be dangerous

Calling all Teddy Bears and Fans!

THUNDER BAY – Calling all teddy bears and their owners for the annual Teddy Bears Picnic, presented by Ontario Power Generation, on Tuesday, July 10 at Vickers Park. Parents, caretakers, children and their teddy bears are invited for an...

Posted 26 June 2018 by
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Ontario's "Joe Debtor" has too much month left at the end of the money.

4 Tips to saving money in 2018

NEW YORK – Most people make firm financial resolutions every New Year, especially after spending big during the holiday season. However, these resolutions often go unfulfilled because most individuals disregard the importance of creating an effective money-saving strategy. Apart...

Posted 4 May 2018 by
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